Classes are based upon the way I learned to practice yoga myself. This method of teaching is rooted in the traditional foundations of yoga.

Are you seeking to improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, sleep better, get rid of aches and pains, destress, calm your mind, find inner peace?

If you are thinking: “I am not flexible enough”. “I cannot do all those crazy postures”. “I am too old”. “I am too fat”. “I am too stiff”. “My body aches”. “I cannot meditate”. “I tried yoga before and it is not for me”…. 

Don’t worry. I am also not super flexible. I am 50+ and I used to have some aches and I had to try many yoga classes before I found a Yoga approach that felt right for me. 

Let’s practice Yoga together and embark on this beautiful journey with a holistic approach to YOGA:

Why Practice Yoga?

Integrating yoga into our lives helps us to achieve a healthier body, a calmer mind, an inner strength and serenity to face the challenges of modern daily life. Thanks to yoga we can be more fulfilled and happier and feel a stronger connection to the world around us.

Yoga provides a holistic approach that benefits body, mind, and soul. We use the mind to heal the body and in turn, the body to heal the mind.

Yoga brings physiological and psychological benefits, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, relieves anxiety and depression, eases back pain and improves health related quality of life, cardiovascular health and sleep.

Yoga practice invites us to pause and let go, to listen deeply and to be present for whatever is arising physically, mentally, and spiritually; to be grateful and respectful of ourselves and the beings around us, to navigate our journey of self-discovery with inner peace.

✤ For Whom?
✤ Contraindications

How we practice Yoga 

We practice the yoga postures mindfully, treating ourselves with kindness, accepting our physical limitations and making peace with our body. Conscious breathing guides us throughout the practice as an essential tool to release tensions in our body, calm our mind and purify the heart. Whilst working on the physical body, we observe how the energy flows and can tune into the various dimensions of our inner experience: emotions, sensations, thoughts and feelings.

Already by the end of the first class you will feel better; more energised, have a calmer mind and overall, you will start being a happier person.

✤ Remember: Yoga is not a performance…

Yoga Group Classes

Small boutique classes

Note: 10 yoga classes package has a validity of 6 months. The duration can be prolonged in case of need: e.g., traveling, illness

Private Classes

If you prefer, you can have a private class

Home Studio & Open Air Yoga Classes

Depending on the group, season or weather; yoga classes take place in my home studio in Coppet, in my garden or by the lake.

yoga studio coppet

Join me to start your yoga journey today!

Yoga Classes

Classes given in English, French or Italian based on your preference

Open to All Levels

Yoga classes are open to anyone from beginners to advanced

FREE Discovery Class

Your first yoga class is free of charge! Contact me to schedule your free yoga class

« Barbara è la mia insegnante di yoga già da qualche mese. Mi piace moltissimo il suo stile, sempre chiara, paziente ed efficace nelle sue spiegazioni. Ho provato yoga molte volte, e mai continuato. Questa volta invece ho voglia di continuare, e credo che sia anche grazie a Barbara »


« Lo yoga con Barbara non aiuta solo a far muovere il corpo ma anche a calmare la mente. E’ un momento piacevole di condivisione e leggerezza che ti fa ritrovare equilibrio dentro e fuori »


« Barbara’s classes are a real treat for my body and my soul »


« I’ve started to develop and practice as an absolute beginner by attending regular classes. Barbara provides an opportunity for ladies to develop physically (flexibility, balance….) at any age. It’s a truly great experience. »


« Your classes really make a difference to my day and well-being. Thank you so much for doing this! »


« Yoga with Barbara is a moment of restoring soul and body in a nice, relaxing and cosy environment. »


« Les séances avec Barbara sont un vrai bonheur. Souriante, calme et attentive à chacun, elle corrige et conseille les participants en fonction de leurs besoins personnels. La relaxation finale est le moment que je préfère car Barbara a un véritable talent pour nous faire « voyager » à la plage, à la montagne, dans un champ de fleurs… »




ryt 200 yoga teacher
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