Menopause Hatha Yoga (MHY)

MHY classes and workshops are based upon the methodology of Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga and member of the British Menopause Society.

MHY combines Western medical science and Eastern wellbeing in a holistic way to support women through the various stages of the menopause. 

MHY classes provide a specially adapted yoga practices for the various stages of the Menopause with specific breathing techniques, adapted hatha yoga postures, highly restorative poses with the use of props and mindful meditation exercises to help manage the key symptoms of the menopause.

Menopause is much more than the end of the reproductive cycle for a woman and the cessation of menstruation. It has implications on all aspects of life: physically, mentally and socially, that can last for several years. Thanks to MHY, women can embrace the various stages of the menopause with a positive attitude, making the transition from a reproductive to a post-reproductive stage of life as smooth as possible and prepare to fully live and enjoy the ” Second Spring” . Scroll down for more information.

AGE (Average) 40s 51 50s
LENGTH 5 or more years 1 year 30 years
MENSTRUATIONS Irregular, little or heavy bleeding 12 consecutive months without menstruations End of menstruations
HORMONES Fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone levels Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone dropping Further declining of female hormones until finding a new low level balance
SYMPTOMS /HEALTH PROBLEMS Start of the menopause symptoms Symptoms persisting, but may be different symptoms and intensity Risk of bone density loss Risk of bone density loss, Cardio vascular deseases, breast cancer, diabetes

There is still little awareness even at medical level about what a woman goes through during the menopause and the symptoms that she experiences at physical, emotional and social level. As a result, women can receive the wrong treatment, like anti-depressive when in reality the cause could just be a hormone imbalance and be treated as such with natural or HRT remedies. So many women during the peri- menopause suffer from joints, muscle pains, headache and migraines and are given anti-inflammatory and pain killers drugs and the symptoms persist as the cause is hormonal. 

MHY aim is to:

  • Educate women on the various stages of the menopause, to be able to recognise the different symptoms linked to the menopause. To understand the changes at physical, emotional and social levels that a woman goes through . To be aware of the different solutions available from natural to HRT, nutrition and general wellbeing practices to cope at best with the menopause symptoms and potential risk of illnesses, such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Empower women with knowledge and techniques with selected yoga sequences with adapted postures, breathing and mindful meditation techniques to manage the main menopause symptoms. 
  • Embrace the stages of the menopause with a positive attitude, making the transition from the reproductive to a post-reproductive stage of life as smooth as possible and prepare to fully live and enjoy the “Second Spring”. 

FREE Personal Evaluation of Menopause symptoms & General Health

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Workshop Structure (3 hours)

MY workshops  provides: 

  • A Women’s cercle where women can come together in a safe and friendly environment to openly speak about the menopause without judgement.
  • Information on the various stages of the menopause, the symptoms and the various solutions (from natural to medical remedies, nutrition and general wellbeing practices) to decide on how to approach and live through the menopause with confidence
  • Techniques: a 90 min yoga class with adapted postures, breathing and mindful meditation techniques to manage symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, rage and irritability, stress and feeling overwhelmed and increasing body and mind strength, stamina and joy.
  • Journaling: Get started on reporting your own unique daily experience on the menopause to gather facts, data and feelings to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, what you are experiencing and the potential causes. 


90 Mins x 5 Days

Workshop Duration

3 hours

MHY classes (75min)

Weekly classes for women in all stages of the menopause to practice gentle yoga, breath work and meditation.

Themes covered:

  • MHY class  for Hot Flashes – to release excess heat
  • MHY class for Menopause Rage and Irritability – to release hot tempered emotions and leave you feeling soothed
  • MHY class for Destress & Recharge – to calm your mind, manage anxiety, overwhelm and lack of focus
  • MHY class for Strength, Stamina and Joy – to build muscle and bone strength and uplift your mood

Weekly Group Classes

to practice alongside other women

Workshops Schedule Available Soon

For A Holistic Solution to Menopause


" Barbara Maggiani is a fully accredited Menopause Yoga teacher who has graduated from this gold standard training course. Women going through the menopause will be safe and supported in her specialist classes " Petra Coveney

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