Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT)


Hormone Yoga Therapy is a worldwide proven method that helps rebalancing the hormonal system, by stimulating our glands (ovaries, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, hypophysis and pituitary). ​It offers a holistic natural solution using only yoga exercises performed dynamically, along with breathing techniques to reactivate the hormones produced by our own body. HYT was developed by Dinah Rodrigues, a Brazilian Yoga Therapist, now 95+ years old and still practising Hormone Yoga every day. She is full of energy and she is a true inspiration for us all to remain as fit and happy as she is as we become older.

Today’s hectic lifestyle, stress, environment, and work are all factors that can influence our hormonal balance. When the hormonal system is out of balance, the whole body, the nervous system, and the immune system are affected.

Hormone Yoga Therapy can help women in every stage of their life. Discover the benefits of HYT:

  • Body:
    • Improved flexibility, muscular strength and firmness, bone density, improved posture
    • Weight loss
    • Stronger hair, younger skin, and stronger nails
  • Mental:
    • More relaxed, be better able to cope with stress
    • Improved mood and frame of mind
    • Improved sleeping
  • Energy:
    • Activating the energy
    • Improved energy flow
    • Stronger vitality and general wellbeing
  • Physiology:
    • Eliminating or strongly diminishing the symptoms related to low female hormone levels through the reactivation of hormone production 
    • Diminishing the risks of illnesses related to low hormone levels like osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases



What are the general effects of Hormone Yoga Therapy?

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(Click on the box for more information)

FREE Personal Evaluation of Your Hormone Balance & General Health

Hormone Yoga Therapy Program

Take the evaluation of your hormonal balance and general health test, schedule a free 15 min call. You can then join a group workshop or, schedule a private lesson to learn and experience the benefits of Hormone Yoga Therapy

✤ For Whom?
✤ Contraindications

Evaluation (Free)

Comprises a questionnaire to fill-in and a 1 to 1 interview to assess the general health of the participant and in order to understand hormone balance status and ascertain any medical therapies that could interfere with HYT


Therapy Sessions

Join a group workshop or Schedule private classes (Details below)


Daily Practices

Continue with daily practice sessions (ideally 3-4 times/week) on your own or, continue following classes in person or online. 

After the Initial Workshop or Private Class

Once you complete the initial workshop, there will be three ways to continue your Hormone Yoga Therapy exercises:

On Your Own

Once you've learned the HYT sequence and mastered the techniques, you can practice on your own. It will only take you half an hour a day to perform the entire sequence!

Ongoing Group Classes

Hormone Yoga Therapy classes to practice alongside other women

Private Classes

If you prefer, we can schedule private Hormone Therapy classes for you

Note: 10 yoga classes package has a validity of 6 months. The duration can be prolonged in case of need: e.g., traveling, illness

Don't wait any longer to rebalance your hormones

Home Studio & Open Air Yoga Classes

Depending on the group, season or weather; yoga classes take place in my home studio in Coppet, in my garden or by the lake.

yoga studio coppet

Join me to start your yoga journey today!



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