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Embracing Midlife with Health, Joy & Peace of Mind:

✤ Hatha Raja Yoga to Heal our Body, Mind & Soul  
✤ Menopause Yoga to positively embrace the Menopause 
✤ Women Hormone Yoga Therapy  to stimulate Fertility and overcome Menopause symptoms with a Natural Solution

Choose Your Journey...

I am a qualified RYT 200H Yoga Alliance Certified teacher, a Yoga British Wheel accredited Menopause Yoga teacher, a Women  Hormone Yoga certified therapist of the Dinah Rodrigues methodology, a certified My Menopause Transformation practitioner by Dr. Wendy Sweet, and I have Swiss diplomas in Nutrition and Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. 

Since many years, Yoga has become my best ally and accompanies me every day, giving me health, strength, and inner serenity to face the challenges of modern life. 

Let me guide you in your wellness journey with Hatha Raja Yoga, Menopause Yoga or Hormone Yoga Therapy. Contact me to book your FREE class.

Are you seeking to improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, sleep better, get rid of aches and pains, calm your mind, find inner peace and improve your general wellbeing?

Let’s practice Yoga together and embark on this beautiful journey with a holistic approach to YOGA

Are you a woman in your 40s-50s or more,  experiencing symptoms like hot flushes,  poor sleeping, joint pains, sadness, rage, anxiety, weight gain, hair loss, stress,  decreased libido….. ? 

Menopause Hatha Yoga can help you to positively embrace the menopause journey

Would you like to stimulate your own body hormones production to improve fertility or overcome the menopause symptoms with a natural solution and also diminish the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases? 

Hormone Yoga Therapy provides a holistic natural solution 

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See What Students Say About Yoga with Barbara

« Barbara è la mia insegnante di yoga già da qualche mese. Mi piace moltissimo il suo stile, sempre chiara, paziente ed efficace nelle sue spiegazioni. Ho provato yoga molte volte, e mai continuato. Questa volta invece ho voglia di continuare, e credo che sia anche grazie a Barbara »


« Lo yoga con Barbara non aiuta solo a far muovere il corpo ma anche a calmare la mente. E’ un momento piacevole di condivisione e leggerezza che ti fa ritrovare equilibrio dentro e fuori »


« Barbara’s classes are a real treat for my body and my soul »


« I’ve started to develop and practice as an absolute beginner by attending regular classes. Barbara provides an opportunity for ladies to develop physically (flexibility, balance….) at any age. It’s a truly great experience. »


« Your classes really make a difference to my day and well-being. Thank you so much for doing this! »


« Yoga with Barbara is a moment of restoring soul and body in a nice, relaxing and cosy environment. »


« Les séances avec Barbara sont un vrai bonheur. Souriante, calme et attentive à chacun, elle corrige et conseille les participants en fonction de leurs besoins personnels. La relaxation finale est le moment que je préfère car Barbara a un véritable talent pour nous faire « voyager » à la plage, à la montagne, dans un champ de fleurs… »



Encouraged by one of my dearest yoga teachers from New York, who said: “Start sharing what you know. Don’t be selfish and keep it only for yourself.”, I am now offering yoga and hormone yoga therapy classes whilst continuing my studies and working on my own personal journey.

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